How to sell tickets on Facebook in 4 steps

May 9, 2019

You’ve lined up your event and now it’s time to start selling tickets. There are 2.23 billion people on Facebook every month, and you better bet you can find customers there, but what’s the best way? Let’s take a look at 2 ways you can sell tickets on Facebook.

1. Choose how you want your tickets to sell on Facebook

Option A: Sell tickets directly on Facebook - aka Facebook Native Ticketing

Option B: Create a Facebook event, but direct your guests to your ticketing webpage to complete the transaction.

Option A: This seamless checkout experience has a few names: Facebook Native Ticketing, Facebook In-app ticketing, Facebook ticketing integration, or Facebook integrated checkout.

Showpass Organizers selling tickets right on Facebook are seeing a 300% increase in conversions. It’s effective because Facebook checkout allows guests to buy in 2-clicks, PLUS they don’t need to create an account. To use Facebook Native Ticketing, your ticketing platform will need to be a Facebook partner like Showpass.

If your ticketing software doesn’t have Facebook Native Ticketing, you have to run with Option B, selling tickets on Facebook by linking to a webpage.

Option B: Selling Tickets on your Facebook Event page using a link to your ticketed webpage.

Event organizers choose Option B when they want to customize their checkout process with merchandise add-ons, assigned seating, and it can be great for re-marketing campaigns. Through this option B, you'll see the “Find Tickets” button on Facebook is a link, which directs your ticket buyers to your ticketing webpage.

Once you’ve chosen how your checkout will look, steps 2, 3 and 4 will show you how to set it up.

2. Create your Ticketing Event Webpage (Hopefully on the Showpass platform.)

Step 2 is the same for either option above. This is an important step because you need a way to sell tickets online before it will work with Facebook. The beauty of using a modern ticketing platform is that your Ticketing Event Webpage can be created within minutes.

The most important sections that you need before you can sell tickets online are:

  • The event’s basic info -  event name, photos, and a bit of a description
  • The event’s location and time
  • The ticket types, including ticket name, price and tax settings

With those sections complete, your Ticketed Event Webpage can go on-sale, and then you can start taking advantage of the sales and marketing features.

Here's a more detailed explanation when you're ready to create your Ticketed Event Webpage on Showpass.

Pro tip: Pay close attention to your regional tax settings when creating your event. Your wallet and your accountant will thank you come tax season.

Essential tip: Create the ticketed event page before making your Facebook page. You have to do it in this order so you can use Facebook Native Ticketing and so your page benefits from the extra reach through the Facebook Official Events API.

3. Create your Facebook Event Page

Now it’s time to start putting together what your event will look like on Facebook. There are 2 ways to create a Facebook Event page.

Option i:  Create a Facebook Event Page the manual way on Facebook.

You will have to use Option i if your ticketing platform doesn’t have a Facebook integration.

Option ii: Click the Create Facebook Event button from your ticketing platform

A good ticketing platform will pull the information from step 2, and automatically populate your Facebook Event Page details. So you can just click Create Facebook Event from your ticketing platform and follow the steps.

Create Option 2: Use the CREATE FACEBOOK EVENT BUTTON from your ticket platform

Keep in mind there’s a key step where you select what tickets types you want to sell on Facebook if you don’t select the ticket types your Facebook event page will default to a “Find Tickets” hyperlink instead of native ticketing.

‍Essential tip: Create the ticketed event page before making your Facebook page. You have to do it in this order to use Facebook Native Ticketing and so your page benefits from the extra reach through the Facebook Official Events API.

4. Add content to your Facebook Event Page

Congrats! Now you’re ready to market your event and turn your visitors into buyers. This is your opportunity to share some sweet promo videos, some dialed-in photos, a funny meme, and even post some music to get people educated and engage with people talking about your event.

And just like that, you’re selling tickets on Facebook like the event technology-genius that your friends think you are. The next step is to start marketing your event.