Events During Social Distancing: How to Host Safe and Effective Events

May 20, 2020

As restrictions begin to ease and summer approaches, the demand for social gatherings is likely to increase. We want to help you facilitate events in a way that fits the needs of your business or organization, while keeping everyone safe. We have been monitoring each province’s restrictions and plans to reopen and have altered our software to align with Government decisions on public events.

To keep updated with any decisions follow this site:

In order for us to support you in hosting a successful event, we have incorporated the following features into our software:

Online time slot registration process

This feature enables organizers to offer registration and attendance in pre-determined time & date slot bookings. Guests will choose which time & date slot they would like to purchase and attend from the choices offered by the organizer, and their booking will only be valid for that specific designated time slot. This controlled consumer purchase flow enables organizers to maintain capacity requirements, and social distancing regulations as they will be able to measure and report on capacity at all times.

Customizable registration capacity and guest inventory options

Our guest inventory management services offer two levels of capacity control. Organizers can set overall capacity limits for entire venues, or broken down to inventory control at the ticket or time slot level. These features also allow you to adjust inventory levels on the fly as sales are happening. Organizers can set a strict inventory amount and trust that sales will automatically stop once that threshold is met.

Venue or assigned seating selection abilities to track guest location within your venue

Our assigned seating selection allows the event organizer to have control over which seats guests can purchase to allow for social distancing during the event.

On-The-Fly global capacity reporting via Showpass App

Utilize our Showpass App to review capacity reports at any moment. This will allow organizers to know how close they are to capacity in order to continue selling, or stop sales to ensure social distancing measures are maintained properly.

Digital capacity counter to track the overall number of guests in your venue instantly

Utilize our capacity counter to track guests coming in and out of your venue to ensure that you know the overall capacity at any given moment. You are able to bulk upload or delete capacity counts, or do it individually as guests enter and leave the venue premise.

Contactless day-of selling on location

Utilize our Quick Q Banners to set up contactless, on-location selling of tickets. Customers can scan a QR code with their phone, and be taken to a pre-filled shopping cart with tickets for easy checkout. Tickets will be downloaded to the customer’s phone immediately. Eliminate all physical interaction for onsite ticket selling.

Contactless scanning & event intake

Scan all pre-purchased tickets using our Showpass app. Customers & staff can eliminate all physical contact and still scan and record attendance, ensuring capacity is maintained.

Self-serve scanning devices

These devices are a full standalone check-in station where guests scan their barcode on the scanning device included in the station. The stations streamline the scanning process requiring fewer staff and keeping guests and staff distanced.

We understand that each venue has specific requirements. If you require additional safety measures or any other customization in the ticketing process, please let us know. We are constantly improving our software, and appreciate any feedback in order to create a product that will be sufficient for your venue.