How event organizers use pixels and remarketing to sell tickets at checkout

February 28, 2019

How event organizers use pixels and remarketing to sell tickets at checkout

You’ve booked your venue, lined up your event performers and speakers, setup your ticketing platform and now you’re ready to launch your online ticket sales. To maximize your ticket sales, you’ll want to make sure you’re advertising to the right audience, and capitalizing on every visitor to your checkout pages. Here’s how event organizers are using tracking pixels and remarketing practices to sell out their events. 

What is a tracking pixel?

Simply stated, tracking pixels are small snippets of code or a small image that allows you to identify users on your site and track their behavior. When the pixel is fired, it sends data back to be logged. The data can include things like browsers, IP address, how long a user has been on a page, or even their screen size. These pixels don’t interrupt or interfere with the visitor’s experience, and they can be created for different actions on your site – specific page visits, checkout, and even volunteer signups.

Why should organizers use this to market their events?

Better targeting means better ticket sales. Tracking pixels are a way to target your advertising to those who have expressed interest in your event. You’ll be able to collect information specific to what those audiences are doing online, and then build advertising messages and campaigns relevant to their experience. This leads to better conversion rates and helps you earn more sales on each advertising dollar you spend.

What’s an example of how event organizers use remarketing?

Think of this scenario: abandoned shopping cart rates are 69% on average, according to the Baymard Institute, so chances are this is happening at a high rate for many event organizers. By using a tracking pixel on a checkout page, organizers can deliver tailored ads to those who abandoned. These ads can create the sense of urgency that the tickets are nearly sold out, ‘forgot something’ messaging, and even special discounts to entice them to complete their purchase. Using remarketing can apply for many scenarios, and allows organizers to capture more attention, increase conversion, and ultimately sell out their event with relevant advertising.  

So how do I get started with tracking pixels?

You’ll need to install the pixels and remarketing tools for where you plan on advertising: Google Remarketing, Facebook Pixel, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Each tool will have specific instructions as to what you need to upload to your website to start remarketing to your potential guests.

With years of experience in events from large festivals to municipal conferences, Showpass knows how important it is to make event marketing easier for organizers. Once you’ve set up your pixels and remarketing campaigns, Showpass has a step-by-step guide on how to push your Showpass data automatically to your Facebook Pixel. We also offer marketing tools to help you sell out events with email and SMS, discounts for quick sales, and more.