2023 Stampede Calgary Foodie Paradise: Top 5 Must-Try Treats

July 14, 2023

Every summer, Calgary comes alive with the excitement and festivities of the Calgary Stampede but this annual event is not only a celebration of western culture but also a food lover's dream! Here are the top five must-try treats that make Calgary Stampede a foodie paradise this 2023.

Dunkaroos Mini Donuts

Indulge in a dozen of vanilla cookie mini donuts paired with a delectable rainbow chip frosting for a dunk-worthy treat that will transport you back to your childhood.

Fruit Loop Funnel Cake

Experience the joy of cereal milk at the midway with this crowd-pleasing delight. Enjoy a funnel cake topped with crushed fruit loops, strawberries, condensed cereal milk, and whipped cream for a another nostalgic and whimsical experience.

Flamin Hot Popcorn Chicken Poutine

Flamin Hot Popcorn Chicken Poutine! Take your love for popcorn chicken poutine to the next level by adding Flamin Hot Cheetos and Nashville Style Hot Sauce. Brace yourself for an explosion of spicy and irresistibly delicious flavours.

Cheesy Sweet Chili Heat “Diablo Dog”

Get ready to devour a monstrous 10+ inch Jalapeño Cheddar Smokie infused and topped with Sweet Chili Heat Doritos and Hot Melted Nacho Cheese Sauce. This colossal creation is a cheesy, spicy delight that will leave you in awe.

Falafel Perogies

Sink your teeth into delectable perogies filled with a delightful combination of potato and cheddar. These are complemented with crispy falafel, sautéed onions, refreshing lettuce, red cabbage, sliced cucumbers, and generously drizzled with a garlic sweet sauce and a touch of sriracha.

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Our team hit the grounds and tried some of the wild food items at Stampede, check it out if here you need a sneak peek of what to expect.