Pay Gated Livestreams

New Feature
July 8, 2020

Showpass has developed a Pay Gated Livestream solution that allows organizers to sell tickets to their livestream shows without compromising the safety of their fans!

Customers can purchase tickets to enjoy their favourite artists and live shows from the safety of their own home by viewing livestreams behind an authenticated webpage. In order to view the livestream, customers must be logged into their Showpass account that they used to make the original purchase.

The livestream works through an integration with Vimeo, or, all of which are 3rd party video streaming services. Broadcasting software such as OBS can be used, giving you the ability to switch between camera feeds during the livestream. This is more of a manual process and a Showpass representative will be happy to work with you to get your stream setup!

Customers can simply purchase their ticket through like they would for any other event. Once purchased, they will find their ticket with a link to your livestream under their Purchases tab.

Pay gated live streaming service is the perfect tool for organizers to supplement their income during this difficult time. Showpass has the tools and knowledge to take your events online!