New Feature
June 21, 2022

By offering Afterpay as a payment option, Showpass provides a more flexible and accessible way for event attendees to purchase tickets.

Showpass now offers a new payment option for event attendees with Afterpay. This new feature provides greater financial flexibility for ticket buyers, allowing them to pay in instalments rather than a lump sum which can be especially helpful for those more expensive events or packages, resulting in higher potential attendance rates.

With Afterpay, ticket buyers can spread the cost of their purchase over four instalments, giving them greater financial flexibility to purchase tickets for events they may not have been able to afford upfront. The maximum purchase limit for Afterpay is $2000, and there are no minimum purchase amounts, making it accessible to all types of event attendees. Customers will pay their first instalment at the time of purchase, then they are able to select when the next three payments are made over a period of six weeks. Furthermore, the feature is eligible for any ticket, membership and/or product with no additional set-up required from organizers.

To enable Afterpay for your organization, please reach out to your client success manager.

Checkout this page to learn more about how Afterpay works.