What Keeps Us Fuelled at Showpass

The Showpass team is jam-packed (no pun intended) with a bunch of foodies. We love to indulge in a variety of different foods and dishes. In our head office, we have a very talented and dedicated Chef that prepares breakfast for us Monday to Thursday and lunch on Friday – we know what you’re thinking…and we’re very appreciative! We also get juice delivered to our head office from Well and Jusu. In light of our team’s passion for food, we thought it would be fun to share our teams top five all-time favourite dishes (in no particular order). Maybe it will inspire you and give you a few ideas for your weekend shenanigans!
  • Nachos – loaded with toppings and layered with cheese
  • Charcuterie – endless amounts of cheese and meat….
  • Tacos – must have guacamole and pico de gallo
  • Eggs Benny – our Chef gets creative and adds different fruits to the hollandaise sauce – amazing!
  • Burritos – any kind will do!

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