Top 5 neighbourhoods to sell tickets to in #YYC

Every year, organizers try to sell out their events during the Calgary Stampede. After the 10 days of concerts, festivals, and sun, Showpass looked into ticket sales to find out where the biggest partiers live. From our number crunching, these are the top five neighborhoods you need to sell tickets to, as they are more likely to put on their cowboy boots, open their wallets, and get tickets to a good time.

Number 1: The Beltline

It's no surprise that the Beltline area is crushing it with their partying. From 14th street to 7th, the close access to Stampede made it easy for this crowd to head down to the party for a good time and a few cold ones. Making up 34% of ticket sales, more often than not, the residents of this area bought tickets to multiple events, any day of the week. The Beltline tripled any other neighbourhood’s attendance at Stampede this year, which is why they need to be on every event planner’s list.

Number 2: Downtown Area

Coming in a distant second, with 9.6% of the ticket sales, downtown Calgary knows how to get rowdy. Being so close to the grounds and other Stampede events downtown, this area parties no matter the time of day. Even though their turnout may not be close to first place worthy, don’t discount this community: the average party-goer went down to the grounds at least seven times to get their fill of bevvies and nightlife.

Number 3: Killarney, tied with McKenzie Towne, Mission and Panorama Hills.

Killarney was the third neighborhood looking to get their stampede on. Coming in at 8% of total volume, their attendance puts them in a tie with McKenzie Towne, Mission, and Panorama Hills. What makes them stand out is how much these residents like Stampede: Killarney spent the most time partying, with each person visiting the grounds an average of eight times – that’s nearly every day! Killarney has shown that over the ten days, they know how to party hard and want to be at as many events as they can, so don't forget to sell tickets to this neighborhood.

Number 4: Aspen Woods, Altadore & Hamptons

Tucked away in the west end of town, the fourth biggest party neighbourhood goes out to Aspen Woods. Although they live in quiet suburbia, they accounted for just over 5% of total ticket volume. When comparing Aspen Woods to Altadore and the Hamptons, they won hands down as they couldn’t get enough of Stampede. They went to the tents and shows on average five times, giving them a day of rest in between.

Number 5: Mount Royal & Signal Hill

Last but not least, coming in fifth place for the most active stampede area is Mount Royal. Including both upper and lower Mount Royal, this area comes together to celebrate the Calgary-wide event. Tied with Signal Hill, these two communities had nearly 5% of total sales volume – right on the heels of the Aspen, Altadore and the Hamptons. With a higher attendance on average than Signal Hill, you can count on Mount Royal to be at corporate parties, Stampede breakfasts, or tent events in July.

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