August 10, 2018

Showpass announces release of a new iOS app


Showpass is pleased to announce our new iOS app – a ground-up rewrite of the ticket-buyer portion of our original version. We wanted to make the consumer experience smoother and more intuitive, with a focus on finding events quickly and efficiently. Event search is newly designed and engineered to allow searches based on name, location, and date range, all with a slick calendar selection tool. For our customers who want to see what’s happening nearby, they can now explore and save events to purchase later.

Two apps from Showpass

As we focus on keeping our clients at the forefront of technology, we took the time to rewrite the app in Swift. This is Apple’s newest development language, which delivers a solid foundation for future tech like Augmented Reality and Beacons. These technologies can elevate the customer’s experience, giving them an interactive view of the venue, and allowing event organizers to do everything from upgrading individual seats to sending personalized deals through push notifications.

The original iOS app will continue to function as normal and has been renamed Showpass Dashboard. It will still allow organizers and staff to view events and purchase tickets as before, as well as checking in ticket holders and managing events.

We will continue to run our Android app for clients that will function as is.

Showpass is a leading online ticketing platform in North America. With Showpass, event-goers can find the latest events, buy tickets and get in quickly, right from their phone. Event organizers choose so they can sell more tickets, merchandise and manage sales, check ins, guest lists, stats and more from the palm of their hand.

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