How GetQd Became Showpass

What better day than Thursday to take a walk down memory lane and appreciate where we started!

In 2012, CEO and Founder, Lucas McCarthy launched GetQd and just like all successful entrepreneurs, he was able to identify a real-world problem and develop an effective solution. An application that made waiting in line easy and efficient for everyone. Customers no longer had to wait in line or show up early to beat the line. Instead, they were able to join the lineup ahead of time, right from their phone and wait for the notification telling them that they are at the front of the line. Almost too good to be true, right? We had found the right market, the right people to believe in our idea and worked smart to obtain growth of over 40,000 users and customers in just under a year.

Within two years, we expanded into a venue and event management software company to better serve our users and clients with a variety of tools. Our mentality was to put people first and foremost. We were one of the only companies that focused on bringing the right operational tools from event management to the same platform as ticketing. We were able to provide some of the best and most diverse set of analytics to our clients.

Four years after GetQd’s inception, in May 2016, we decided to undergo a huge rebranding milestone that has led us to be one of the leading event management and ticketing platforms in Canada! From venues, to organizers, to street teams, to event attendees, we have focused on bringing people together through the excitement of live events. We have all the right tools, cutting edge software and hardware along with a dedicated and talented team that will continue to drive our success.

Since our major rebranding in 2016, we have been busy and devoted to providing the best ticketing and event management platform in the industry. This year, we have several new Showpass team members on board and have rolled out a large number of new features. In 2018, we will continue to see even more development and growth. We are committed to innovating the ticketing and entertainment industry and are fortunate to have the trust and support of over 500 Canadian event organizers and growing.

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