No one likes ticketing fees.
So we keep them as low as possible.

FMV of Gift: 

FMV of Advantage: 

Gift Threshold*: 

De Minimus Threshold*: 

Tax Receipt: 

*Gift Threshold = 80% of FMV of gift
*De Minimus Threshold = lesser of $75 or 10% of value of gift
1.0% + $0.59*
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  • Unlimited events & tickets

  • Discounted tickets

  • Scanning and Check-in

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  • All Standard features plus:

  • Ticket scanning hardware

  • On-site Showpass specialists for training

  • Dedicated payout manager

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Onboarding specialist

*Cost per paid ticket. Payment processing & taxes will apply to all purchased items.

Showpass is always free for free events.
And you can always choose to add the fees on top or absorb fees into your ticket price.

Showpass Ticketing Fees FAQ

FAQs: Showpass’ ticketing software

What currencies are available?
Create ticket sales in CAD, USD or Euros.

What payment methods are accepted?
All major credit cards and prepaid cards. Accept NFC/Tap/Apple Pay at the door.

When do I get paid?
Your funds are deposited in the first few business days, the week following your event.

Can I pass on the fees to ticket-buyers?
Yes! You can choose to absorb the fees or add them on to the ticket.

Can I accept donations to my event?
Yes! Simply add-on donations as a product to your event.

Are there credit card processing fees?
Yes. Fees are 2.9% plus 30¢ per paid item.


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